3 Reasons why you need me!

The importance of an Event Planner....

Whenever people ask me what I really do as an Event Planner, the first thing I tell them is, "I make peoples lives a whole lot easier!" My goal is to take my clients DREAM event, help them BELIEVE that it's possible to have it, and then CREATE it right there before their eyes. Now there are a million and 1 reasons why you should hire an Event Planner when all the many special life occasions take place, but these 3 are where my services will benefit you the most! 


1. You will save BUKU'S of Time

Now when I say you will save BUKU's of time, I mean you will seriously have way more time on your hands! There are so many small details that have to be taken care of and worked out when planning any type of event and who really wants to be bogged down by small details??? Don't worry, because that won't be you. This is where I come in and take care of the meetings with the caterer, photographer, venue manager, baker, crazy Mother-in-Law.....Ok maybe not that last one but I'm sure it'll happen to me once or twice in my lifetime HaHaHa! I will be the one to stay up into all hours of the night making sure everything for your event turns out 100% the way you want it to!! You'll be able to relax, spend time with your family, and get your work done...All while your event is being planned and prepped for that special day!

2. You will save BOATLOAD'S of Money

When people approach me to plan an event for them they tend to seem a little apprehensive when it comes to the cost of my services. (This is understandable seeing as Event Planner's nowadays are making significantly more money than in the past years.) One thing every prospective Event Planning client should know is by hiring me you're actually SAVING money...the client then says, "How can that be so?!? I am hiring and paying you, therefore spending more money on top of what I'm spending for the actual event???" That's when I explain to them that when hiring me and entrusting me with the budget for said event I will then do everything in my power to save them money in other areas! As your planner I will try to get you any discount I can, I will know which Vendors will work out special prices for you, and how to maybe even swing an early booking discount ;)

3. You will be STRESS FREE!

When I say "Stress Free" that almost sounds too good to be true right?? Well it isn't, trust me! Planning any type of event, big or small, by yourself can be much more stressful than you think. Especially when you have a full time job, family and kids, life, ect....People's perception of an Event Planner has changed over the years and ultimately we are here for you to put all of the "Dirty Work" and STRESS on us! And when I say dirty work, I mean dirty work LOL! No matter what the event when you hire an Event Planner this gives you a chance to step back and let someone else take control. This gives you as the client a chance to go on with your life while seeing this amazing creation come to life right in front of you! 


All 3 of these reasons should be enough motivation to hire an Event Planner for your next event! I mean come one, who doesn't want to save time and money, and be less stressed?!? I know I want all of those things! (And maybe a few others, Lol) I hope this blog gave you guys a little insight as to why Event Planners are so important and maybe swayed you to hire Toni J. Events for your next special occasion! 

Stay tuned for more blogs from me, Toni J.! I've got tons of fun things coming ya'lls way in the near future! Have a great week everyone! 

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