Toni J.

My name is Toni Johnson, the little blonde hair blue eyed girl with a HUGE passion for Event Planning! I live in Fayetteville, Ga and aside from Event Planning I love spending time reading self-help and motivational books, working out, and hanging with my family!

After many years of jumping from one college to the next trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life I came across the wonderful world of Event Planning. I quickly realized this was the profession I wanted to take on as a career for life! I love to CREATE things from nothing and see someone's DREAM event become a reality. The next step was to BELIEVE in myself enough to "Jump" off that cliff we call "risk taking" and live out my dream....

As an Event Planner you get the chance to take your clients ideas from pen and paper to a real life masterpiece. What I love most about being an Event Planner is seeing the end result of an event and realizing how unique, detailed, and special it was made to each of your clients!

I strongly believe that whatever your dreams may be you can speak them into existence by staying positive and confident in yourself at all times. #GIRLPOWER #STAYPOSITIVE #CONFIDENCEISKEY

You can also catch me watching disney movies with my many nephews and niece, loving on my kitty lily, and insta-stalking all of my favorite Fitness Icons! (Go check these girls out...Nikki Blackketter and Katy Hearn)

To keep up with me and read about all the crazy thoughts that go through my scattered brain check out my Blog! I'll be posting about life, Event Planning Hacks/DIY's, Fitness, and whatever else comes to mind!